Natural Fertility Management


Natural Fertility Awareness methods can be used in many different situations to;

  • Plan pregnancy
  • Time conception
  • Prevent pregnancy
  • Overcome fertility issues
  • Increase a couple’s chance of conceiving naturally

At Artemisia Natural Therapies, Natural Fertility Management consultations are aimed at improving the general and reproductive health of both men and women.  Natural Fertility Awareness can help to bring about a greater understanding of how stress and our lifestyle choices impact upon our health and fertility.

Natural Fertility Awareness involves the identification of a woman’s fertile signs through various methods (such as temperature charting and cervical mucous recording) and can be a highly effective method of contraception when both understood and used correctly.  The techniques can be used by any woman at any stage in her reproductive life; whether or not she experiences a regular monthly cycle.

Natural Fertility Management methods can also be used to help couples who are having difficulties in conceiving by addressing the barriers to conception, improving fertility health and identifying the most fertile time in a woman’s cycle.

Who can benefit from using Natural Fertility Management methods?

Natural fertility management can be used as a tool for those experiencing infertility issues, those wanting preconception care or simply those seeking to understand their monthly fertile signs.

Natural Fertility Awareness methods may help;

  • Couples trying to conceive naturally
  • Couples interested in preconception care
  • Those seeking advice before, during or after using IVF methods for conception
  • Both older and younger couples
  • Women wanting to increase their chances of a natural conception
  • Women with PCOS or Endometriosis who are trying to conceive
  • Breastfeeding women wanting an alternative, non-hormonal form of contraception
  • Couples wanting access to a short or long-term, non-hormonal form of contraception
  • Women who experience unwanted side effects whilst using pharmaceutical methods of contraception (such as high blood pressure)
  • Women coming off the pill, Implanon or IUD
  • Women who experience stress-related changes to their menstrual cycle