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Herbal Medicine & Nutrition education for Midwives & Birth Practitioners

How mindfulness benefits labour and parenthood: Calmbirth classes with midwife Marie

Find out how naturopathy supports pregnancy preparation, natural fertility & the IVF journey 

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June 22nd 10am-12pm “Hormones, Fertility & Pregnancy Planning” workshop

As a naturopath and midwife I have a special interest in women’s healthcare and a passion to help women achieve good health.  I believe that we all have the ability to lead a balanced, healthy life when we are equipped with the skills to eat healthily, make good food choices, exercise often and lower our stress levels.

This month’s workshop will cover:
– Information on the importance of preconception care: research has shown that our in-utero environment plays an important role in our long-term health and wellbeing and improves the chances of falling pregnant, having a healthy pregnancy, a healthy baby and a healthy recovery from birth
– Tips on maintaining a healthy weight and exercising regularly
– Stress management techniques to improve your health
– Natural ideas for supporting hormonal balance
– Exploration of the ways in which mood, energy and sleep patterns effect women’s hormones and fertility
– The use of Natural Fertility Awareness techniques to help you identify ovulation and chart your menstrual cycle
– A discussion of the most common nutritional deficiencies and how to correct them
– Tips for healthy eating and meal planning

COST: $15 OR $10 if you book with a friend

INCLUDES: Morning tea, guest speakers, access to notes/resources and a FREE gift bag

Purchase tickets and find out more here.

Herbal Medicine and Nutrition for Midwives and Birth Practitioners: June, September & December 2019

Are you a midwife or practitioner who looks after women in the antenatal or postnatal period?

Do you feel confident in managing a woman’s antenatal & postnatal use of nutritional products & herbal medicines?

There are a myriad of nutritional and herbal supplements available to purchase online, in supermarkets, chemists and health food stores; it can be difficult for consumers to know the difference between good quality and inferior products.  What should you be recommending to women?

This workshop will cover:
– Nutritional supplements in pregnancy: multivitamins, probiotics, Vitamin D, Fish oils, Iron, Calcium & Magnesium
– Herbal medicine for birth and lactation: Raspberry Leaf tea & galactagogues
– Antenatal & postnatal diets: healthy eating & recommendations
– Safety issues & current research

COST: $25 OR $20 if you book with a friend

INCLUDES: Morning tea/Supper, guest speakers, access to notes/resources and a FREE gift bag

Purchase tickets and find out more here.

Calmbirth classes for labour and birth preparation 

Marie is a fellow midwife, who I first met when I was studying midwifery at ACU; she conducts Calmbirth education classes which are an extended modality of childbirth and parenting education.  Midwifery antenatal education encompasses a belief that women who are embarking on the journey of labour, birth and motherhood do so with a greater sense of confidence and reflective achievement when they are supported with information and education.  Calmbirth education assists mothers and their partners towards a calm, mindful and joyous labour, birth and early parenting experience, however it unfolds.  The education is underpinned by the most up to date evidence in mind, body science.  I highly recommend attending a Calmbirth or Hypnobithing class during pregnancy in addition to your hospital’s antenatal classes. 

Much of Marie’s approach is on mindfulness based labour, birth and parenting.  After close observation and gracious learning from the women Marie has cared for she believes that pregnancy and childbirth can be remarkably transformative when utilising the life-skill of mindfulness.  Being present in the now and mindful to a growing baby whilst cocooned in a tummy has just as many benefits to both mother and baby as parenting mindfully from the moment of birth.  From experience Marie has learned that women find being in the present moment enables them to live through this ordinary and extraordinary life transition with greater confidence, wisdom and joy.  Practising mindfulness becomes not only a way of approaching pregnancy and birthing but a lifelong resource for parenting and living with greater calmness, intuition, awareness, connectedness and care.  Marie’s classes aim to inform and support where the desire to achieve a calm, mindful and empowered experience is important.  Classes are conducted in a tranquil and relaxed setting, private or group sessions.

Marie’s education approach is informative and gentle.  In practice she has seen that preparing for labour, birth and parenting in this way, there is increased confidence, less ongoing self doubt and less need for continuous external approval or validation, enabling the journey, complete with its tiny baby challenges and miraculous experiences, to be fully celebrated.

Find out more about Calmbirth here and here.

Herbal medicine & nutrition for pregnancy preparation, natural fertility & IVF support 

Research has shown that our in-utero environment plays a role in our long-term health and wellbeing.  Preconception care improves the chances of falling pregnant, having a healthy pregnancy, a healthy baby and a health recovery from birth.  Ideally preconception care begins more than three to six months before conception and involves the health of both parents.  However, it’s never too early to start preparing and making changes to your general health and wellbeing if you are thinking about having a baby now or in the next few years.

For those that are having difficulty in conceiving, preconception care can help to optimise your health and fertility through the use of individualised supplements and lifestyle advice.  Research suggests that a period of preconception care may increase the effectiveness of IVF and decrease the risk factors associated with women attending IVF clinics in the first place.  A specific Naturopathic IVF support program is also available for couples at Artemisia Natural Therapies that incorporates preconception care principles, alongside physical and emotional health support and stress management techniques. 

Topics that will be explored during a preconception care or IVF support appointment with Meg:
– Maintaining a healthy weight and exercising regularly
– Avoiding smoking, caffeine and alcohol
– Stress management techniques
– Supporting hormonal balance
– Exploring mood, energy and sleep patterns
– Improving the health of the immune system
– Learning Natural Fertility Awareness techniques to help you identify ovulation and chart your menstrual cycle
– Addressing general health concerns
– Assessing nutritional deficiencies
– Tips for healthy eating and meal planning

You can book an appointment with Meg here.  For more information visit

Meghan Arthurson- Naturopath (BHSc Naturopathy), Clinical Midwife Specialist (BMID & GCertMID), Natural Fertility Educator (Cert Natural Fertility), Antenatal Educator, Director Artemisia Natural Therapies

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