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An update on Private Health Insurance reforms and an exciting announcement
Women’s Health Workshop series
Introducing new practitioner Alex
Free download: Postnatal care & 4th Trimester support
Natural fertility appointments with Meg
A quick and healthy dinner recipe from Maggie Beer
New blog article discussing the benefits of Naturopathic care during the 4th trimester
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UPDATE: Commonwealth government’s private health insurance reforms

The Federal Health Minister has announced that there will be a review of the evidence to support the use of natural therapies; a significant step forward in the campaign to have naturopathic private health rebates reinstated.  

Thank you to everyone who signed the petition and all those who took the time to write to Health Minister Greg Hunt and their local Coalition members!

More about this announcement can be found here and here.

WOMEN’S HEALTH WORKSHOP SERIES: Hormones, Fertility & Preconception

The first of our Women’s health workshops begins in June with “Hormones, Fertility & Preconception”, followed later in the year by “Healthy Pregnancy & Natural Birth Preparation”, “Postnatal recovery & 4th Trimester support” and “Herbal Medicine and Nutrition for Midwives and Birth Practitioners”.

This first workshop will cover:

  • Information on the importance of Preconception care (research has shown that our in-utero environment plays an important role in our long-term health and wellbeing and improves the chances of falling pregnant, having a healthy pregnancy, a healthy baby and a healthy recovery from birth)
  • Tips on maintaining a healthy weight and exercising regularly
  • Stress management techniques to improve your health
  • Natural ideas for supporting hormonal balance
  • Exploration of the ways in which mood, energy and sleep patterns effect women’s hormones and fertility
  • The use of Natural Fertility Awareness techniques to help you identify ovulation and chart your menstrual cycle
  • A discussion of the most common nutritional deficiencies and how to correct them
  • Tips for healthy eating and meal planning

COST: $15 OR $10 if you book with a friend

INCLUDES: Morning tea, guest speakers, access to notes/resources and a FREE gift bag

More information on workshop dates and tickets can be found here.  


Alex Kingsmill is the Director of Upstairs Coaching, an evidence-based consultancy offering life-enhancing strategies for women.

Her work is goal-oriented and solution-focused. It is strongly informed by Positive Psychology; a strengths-based consideration of personal well-being is central to her collaborative approach to life design.

As a coach, Alex helps clients establish effective, intrinsically motivated goals and determine intelligent strategies to achieve them. She then helps with monitoring progress, maintaining focus and staying accountable in making it all happen.

The big points of focus for many of Alex’s clients include:

  • Boosting confidence
  • Enhancing happiness and wellbeing
  • Strengthening and forming positive relationships
  • Improving work performance
  • Encouraging helpful thinking patterns
  • Making big life decisions

As a reformed lawyer, she also understands and helps clients who are keen to make positive career shifts. She helps women find or create work they really love.

There is a bit of a misconception about coaching [it isn’t all about jumping on sofas and positive affirmations and high fives!].  You can read more about the process here.

For more information you can find Alex at or call 0413 260 770.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Postnatal checklist

Nearly all cultures have traditions around the care of mother and baby in the first forty days after birth. In modern times this is the period known as the ‘fourth trimester’. The focus of the postnatal period is on rest, support, warmth and nutrition.

Click here to access a range of postnatal recovery meal and food ideas.

Find more free resources on our website via this link.


The use of menstrual cycle tracking apps is on the rise, however, research has shown that only 13% of Australian women are able to correctly identify the specific days of the menstrual cycle, just before and during ovulation, that women were fertile and could become pregnant.

Natural Fertility Awareness methods can be used by women and couples to:
– Develop a greater understanding of how stress and lifestyle choices impact upon our health, hormones and fertility
– Plan pregnancy, time conception, overcome fertility issues and increase a couple’s chance of conceiving naturally
– Identify ovulation more accurately than fertility apps
– Identify the length of the luteal phase
– Prevent pregnancy (learn more about the effectiveness of natural fertility methods)

You can book a Natural Fertility appointment with Meg here.  For more information visit

Meghan Arthurson- Naturopath (BHSc Naturopathy), Clinical Midwife Specialist (BMID & GCertMID), Natural Fertility Educator (Cert Natural Fertility), Antenatal Educator, Director Artemisia Natural Therapies

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