Artemisia Natural Therapies: privacy policy and disclaimer information

We look forward to supporting you on your journey towards wellbeing

Please read the following information before your appointment to familiarise yourself with the clinic’s payment, cancellation and client care policies.

As a fully accredited member of the National Herbalists Association of Australia (NHAA) I support good privacy practice and agree to comply with the privacy legislation in regards to all information received from my clients.

By booking an appointment online you acknowledge that you have read and consented to our privacy policy and the disclaimer information below;

  • I have read/understood the information provided about the clinic’s payment, cancellation, privacy and patient care policies
  • I consent to Naturopathic treatment/healthcare and understand that Naturopathic treatment is not intended to replace orthodox medical care or medical prescriptions
  • I understand that even the safest therapies may cause complications in certain conditions (e.g., pregnancy, breastfeeding, very young children, those taking multiple medications or with multiple medical conditions)
  • I am aware that there can be some slight health risks associated with Naturopathic medicines, including but not limited to the aggravation of pre-existing symptoms, allergic reactions to supplements, herbs or interactions with prescription medications
  • I will inform my practitioner of any medical conditions or change in medical conditions I have, as well as any medications or supplements that I am taking
  • During treatment I will advise my practitioner immediately if I fall pregnant or am breastfeeding as some therapies must be ceased or used with caution during these times

Current Fee Schedule


Initial consultation $115/105*

Initial consultation- couple $125/115*

Return consultation $85/75* 

Return consultation- couple $95/85* 

Long return consultation $90/80* 

NFM (Natural Fertility Management) booklet $15

Return/brief consultation for existing clients $40

After hours admin fee $15

Cancellation fees

0-24 hours notice- Full fee 

24-48 hours notice- 50% of fee 


25ml Herbal liquid (standard) $8.00

25ml Herbal liquid (with dropper) $8.50

200ml Herbal liquid (standard) $37.00

500ml Herbal liquid (standard) $87.00

Flower Essences 25 mls $11.50

*Concessions are available to those with a valid Health care card, Student card, Pension card and RRR and PBS subscribers.

**Other prescribed nutritional supplements and herbal tablets are charged at RRP and are charged additional to consultation fees.  Herbal remedies and supplements are not included in the price of the consultation. Treatment plans may involve the mixing of liquid herbal medicines that are dispensed alongside herbal tablets or in addition to nutritional supplements.

Other clinic information

  • Payment is accepted by cash, paypal transfer or credit card and is required at the conclusion of each appointment.  
  • Naturopaths are accredited with a number of health fund providers, however private health insurance rebates will vary depending on the type of cover you have.  It is best to contact your individual health fund for specific details and to clarify the rebate you are eligible for.
  • Please allow at least 48 hours for the rescheduling of appointments in order to avoid a cancellation fee.  In fairness to those on waiting lists, appointments that are cancelled without 24-48 hours notice will incur a 50% cancellation fee; if missed or cancelled with less than 24 hours notice the full fee will apply. Thankyou for your understanding.
  • Consultations are available by appointment only and can be made via phone or email. 
  • Remedies can be picked up/posted to you outside consultation hours by pre-arrangement.  Repeat prescriptions not requiring a consultation are available on a case-by-case basis.
  • Herbal remedies and supplements can be sent via express post to return clients for a small fee.
  • Telephone consultations can be arranged for return NFM consultations and acute or straight-forward health issues (i.e. Cold and flu, simple postnatal issues, acute stress during exams etc.).  Consultations usually last for 20 minutes and remedies can either be picked up at the clinic or express posted. Over the phone consultations are available during business hours for existing clients only.
  • Gift vouchers are available to purchase from the clinic.

What happens in a Naturopathic consultation?

The initial consultation is used to gather a comprehensive history and the main reasons for the visit.  A range of questions are asked to gather information about current health issues, and past medical and family history to identify the underlying causes of illness.

An individualised treatment plan is then developed to address these underlying influences using herbs, lifestyle advice, nutritional supplements, and/or referral for further testing as required.

Follow up consultations will continue to explore a client’s condition, take a more in depth look at issues, and develop a deeper insight into health conditions.  Prescriptions may continue or be altered to address the changes that have occurred.

The following modalities may be used during treatment; herbal medicine tablets or liquid, clinical nutrition, herbal teas, external herbal creams, dietary advice, lifestyle advice and flower essences.

Length of treatment

It is difficult to predict how long it will take for a health condition to resolve, as each individual will react differently to treatment.  However as a rule, chronic conditions will take longer to improve than acute symptoms (which may only take a few days to weeks to resolve).

For most, consultations will be made weekly, fortnightly or monthly until health improves; follow-up visits are made as required, to maintain health and make further improvements.

A period of preconception care can help to treat a couples specific fertility issues; treatment would ideally start a minimum of 3-4 months before conception and focus on the health of both parents.

Natural Fertility Management (NFM) Disclaimer

The NFM booklet and information contained within is designed for individuals seeking knowledge about natural fertility awareness and/or natural contraception/conception methods.  Natural fertility awareness methods, like all methods for preventing pregnancy, have a potential failure rate. No responsibility will be taken for unplanned pregnancies. It is recommended that you seek medical advice where necessary and use this information for natural fertility and health education purposes only.  It may take a number of cycles to gain confidence with charting (usually a minimum of three cycles/appointments).