About us

Meghan Arthurson

Naturopath (BHSc Naturopathy), Clinical Midwife Specialist (BMID & GCertMID), Natural Fertility Educator (Cert Natural Fertility), Antenatal educator, Director Artemisia Natural Therapies

Welcome!  You are in the right place if you:

  • are stressed, tired, not sleeping well, feeling anxious or depressed and would like some diet advice and tips to help create a healthier, more balanced lifestyle
  • want to come off the pill, Implanon or IUD and would like to know how to balance your hormones naturally
  • experience PMS, PCOS, Endometriosis, irregular periods or period pain
  • would like to learn more about how your menstrual cycle and identify when you ovulate each month
  • want to know how you can increase your chances of a conceiving naturally
  • are interested in preparing your body and your partner’s for a healthy pregnancy
  • are having trouble falling pregnant and would like some advice about your natural options before starting IVF
  • would like to know what nutritional supplements and herbs you can take during an IVF cycle to increase your chances of a healthy, successful pregnancy
  • would like to find out what multivitamin or nutritional supplements you should take before and during pregnancy
  • are seeking natural support during pregnancy and in preparation for birth
  • would like support after having a baby to help with your recovery
  • are interested herbal medicines to increase your milk supply
  • have a baby with reflux, constipation or suspected food allergies
  • want an alternative to HRT or antidepressants in managing hot flushes and Menopause symptoms

My name is Meg and I am a Naturopath, Clinical Midwife Specialist and Antenatal educator with over 12 years of experience.  

After graduating with a Bachelor of Health Science from SSNT and completing further studies in Natural Fertility Education, I opened Artemisia Natural Therapies; a holistic women’s health clinic where I work with a team of complementary health professionals who are all passionate about women’s health.  

I chose ‘Artemisia’ as the name of my business in reference to the Greek goddess ‘Artemis’, a Midwife and Herbalist, associated with fertility, childbirth and nature.  ‘Artemisia’ is also a family of aromatic herbs (including Wormwood, Mugwort and Sage), several of which are used as herbal medicines.

Shortly after graduating as a Naturopath I went on to complete a Bachelor of Midwifery to further my knowledge and develop my passion for women’s health.  More recently, I completed a Postgraduate degree in Midwifery and have become a Clinical Midwife Specialist.

As a midwife I love the relationships I build with women during one of the most significant times of their lives and am privileged to have the opportunity to care for a families’ emotional and physical needs during their special time.

I work in all areas of the hospital; teaching childbirth education and breastfeeding classes, caring for women during pregnancy, labour and birth, supporting new mothers with breastfeeding and parent-craft and as a domiciliary nurse, visiting women and their families at home after they leave hospital. Being present at some of the most significant times in a couple’s life means that I can support women on their journey by promoting pregnancy and birth as a normal physiological process, educating and empowering women to make the right decisions for themselves and their babies.

As a Naturopath I like to keep up with the current research.  I have a special interest in women’s healthcare and a passion to help women achieve good health.  

I believe that we all have the ability to lead a balanced, healthy life when we are equipped with the knowledge of how to eat healthily and manage our stress levels.  I have seen how quality nutritional supplements, fertility charting and herbal medicines have helped my clients in falling pregnant, sleep better, feel happier and less stressed, enjoy their pregnancies and experience the birth they dreamed of.  I would love to share this knowledge and make these experiences possible for everyone. My aim is to support you on your journey towards wellbeing and to help you feel healthier and more confident in managing your fertility and health goals.

I love helping and working with people who:

  • want to lead a healthier, more balanced life and are seeking information on how to achieve this with dietary advice and stress management techniques
  • are overwhelmed by the amount of nutritional products available at chemists and supermarkets and finding it difficult to work out which product is best for them
  • are experiencing hormonal problems such as PCOS, PMS, Endometriosis, period pain, Menopause and irregular periods
  • would like to have a baby but have a few health issues that they need to address first
  • are pregnant and struggling with morning sickness, constipation, fatigue, low iron, reflux, thrush or restless legs
  • have just had a baby and are needing a little support to recover physically and nutritionally

I look forward to meeting you and helping you with your health concerns.

You can book an appointment with Meg here or find out more about upcoming workshops here. For more information email: info@artemisianaturaltherapies.com or phone: 0413 530 175

Practitioners at Artemisia Natural Therapies

Monique Henry- Craniosacral Therapist, registered with the Pacific Association of Craniosacral Therapists

Monique has a bachelors degree in Biomedical Science and has completed postgraduate training in the treatment of mothers, babies and children. She enjoys combining a biodynamic approach to her treatments and has extensive knowledge of the human body gained from her biomedical training. Monique has an interest in working with central nervous system related conditions, including but not limited to stress, anxiety and fatigue issues.

Monique is available to see clients on a Saturday. You can connect with Monique via phone: 0412 313 050 or via email: monique@conscioushealth.com.au

Trish Hayes- Accredited Mental Health Social Worker & Counsellor, B.A, BSW, MA (Community Development), PGDip (Women’s Studies/History)

Patricia is an accredited mental health social worker and counsellor who specialises in women’s health. She has worked in the areas of pregnancy options and abortion counselling, maternal mental health, sexual assault counselling and as an Employment Assistance Program generalist counsellor for over a decade.

Contact Trish on 0400 651 587 or trish1hayes2003@yahoo.com.au

Elena Domazet- Hypnotherapist & NLP practitioner, Level 1 Reiki Healer, Member of the Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists & Diploma Modern Psychology

Elena specialises in smoking cessation, anxiety, depression, self-love, motivation and helping people to overcome their limiting beliefs; supporting anyone who struggles with putting their own wants and needs first. If you are feeling “stuck” and needing guidance on how to get to the next stage in your life, then come and see Elena for an appointment.

Elena can be contacted on 0438 627 777 or via email at elena@sahastherapy.com

Alex Kingsmill- Director of Upstairs Coaching

Alex Kingsmill is the Director of Upstairs Coaching, an evidence-based consultancy offering life-enhancing strategies for women. 

Her work is goal-oriented and solution-focused. It is strongly informed by Positive Psychology; a strengths-based consideration of personal well-being is central to her collaborative approach to life design.

As a coach, Alex helps clients establish effective, intrinsically motivated goals and determine intelligent strategies to achieve them.  She then helps with monitoring progress, maintaining focus and staying accountable in making it all happen.

The big points of focus for many of Alex’s clients include:

  • Boosting confidence

  • Enhancing happiness and wellbeing

  • Strengthening and forming positive relationships

  • Improving work performance

  • Encouraging helpful thinking patterns

  • Making big life decisions

As a reformed lawyer, she also understands and helps clients who are keen to make positive career shifts. She helps women find or create work they really love.

There is a bit of a misconception about coaching (it isn’t all about jumping on sofas and positive affirmations and high fives!). You can read more about the process here.

For more information you can find Alex at www.upstairs.net.au or call 0413 260 770.

Kate McKillop- Counselling & Psychotherapy 

Kate has just joined our team of professionals to support women with their mental health. Kate provides individual counselling and psychotherapy in the areas of trauma recovery, grief and loss, adjustment and relationship issues.  Kate is also highly skilled at helping clients to manage stress and overcome depression and anxiety.

Qualified to practice eight types of psychotherapy, Kate is certified in the resilience work of Dr. Brené Brown (author of Daring Greatly) and the trauma recovery model that is EMDR Therapy. She has trained in psychiatry, worked in acute mental health settings and has extensive experience in teaching the benefits of mindfulness and mind-body connection. Kate’s therapeutic strengths include advanced interpersonal and assessment skills, empathy and attunement to client need, which translate into high levels of engagement at her clinics.

Kate is currently taking new clients on Friday mornings and is a registered medicare provider, allowing clients to access rebates with a GP referral.

To enquire about working with Kate, email Kate@daringinmelbourne.com or phone 0423 398 338.

Amanda Peach- Massage therapist

Amanda is a Brunswick local, sharing life with two children, her partner and a mean black cat.  She enjoys spending time with friends, going for bike rides and long car drives and sampling as much dairy-free ice-cream as humanly possible. You might catch her around the local parks, bike tracks, gym and burger shops. 

Passionate about self-care and committed to guiding other’s in improving their health and wellness, Amanda offers massage sessions that are tailored to your needs. Her approach is intuitive and comes naturally through listening to you and your body and getting to the source of your pain or tension.  

Amanda’s sessions can incorporate various treatment styles such as Swedish Relaxation, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Muscle Energy Techniques and Trigger Point Therapy, depending on what your body is needing. 

Amanda ensures complete comfort and privacy and is happy to talk through any concerns or requests before the session begins. The session is ultimately about YOU. Anything you do or do not wish to incorporate will be considered. From the style of massage, level of undressing, down to the music – it’s your call.

Amanda also offers a specifically tailored session for mums who will have their little ones tagging along. Each session runs for 1 hour and prices start at $80 per hour.

Contact Amanda via email at plur1984@outlook.com or by calling 0415 829 885